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Douglas he sits at his computer desk
Trying to find his place in the world
Imagining people that don’t exist
Making up names quite at random
Slowly he fades back into himself
It can sure help with the boredom
Stories can have a life of their own
If you only just let them
Real life is a bit of a drag
Oh well, ne te confundant

It’s in his D.N.A.

They say he’s never been to Wonderland
And he’s never danced with Alice
She only just his mirror girl
Just a false reality
People try to put him down
Everyday of his life
Tell him lies not truth - what can he do?
I’m telling you about it
Douglas tells himself he’s more than that
But he just can’t believe it

It’s in his D.N.A.

Flying high above the clouds
Looking to the distance
You see London town down below
Passing place you’ve never heard of
Douglas can see into his future now
Making plans, hopes and dreams
Not everything’s been written yet
The present’s never perfect
Even my song’s not over yet
Douglas thinks things might elude him

It’s in his D.N.A.


from 'God Help Us If There's A War' EP, released June 30, 2012
© Tovey/Dent 2012



all rights reserved



ALEXANDRA : Vox, Keyboards

"DEEP THOUGHT" : Everything Else...

RANDOM : Vox, Percussion

TEE : Bass Guitar

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